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Winter, it is the season of eating your favourite comfort food that provide the necessary warmth during this time of the year. It is also the time of making the most of the seasonal vegetables that are nutritious and wholesome.

In this blog we will talk about four such dishes that are popular, best suited for this season and some of which very healthy. So make the most of the beautiful produce that graces this season, for example red carrot and mustard leaves.

Let’s start with the cult favourite, but more importantly a healthy dish –

Sarson (Mustard leaves) saag and Makki (corn flour) roti

What is mostly viewed as a classic dish, is actually a plateful of nutrition. Mustard leaves and the stems are packed with health and hence this seasonal green leafy vegetable should be part of our diet. Makki or corn adds to the nutrition value. This dish contrary to what many believe need not be prepared using lots of ghee and masalas. Try our recipe which ensures you enjoy the flavour of Sarson in its true form, with just the requisite quantity of supporting elements like ghee/butter and masalas.

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Mirchi ka achaar (Light green colour chilli pickle)

Winter is a time, during which there a wonderful produce of all types of chillies, especially the light green colour chilli (refer image above). This particular variety is not very spicy; the focus is more on adding the ingredients that uplift its flavour. It is ready to eat within a week of making it and can last you upto a year depending on how well you store it. You can find the recipe in our eBook Homemade Delicacies to get the interesting mix of ingredients used in this pickle

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Missi Roti (Flatbread made using gram flour)

The best time to eat dishes made using gram flour is winter, as it provides a lot of warmth. One of the best examples of that is the missi roti, which people enjoy for breakfast as well as lunch. It also tastes great and is best combined with some mint raita and radish or onions. Slightly crispy crust, these hot rotis are made using few but a slightly different combination of masalas. To know the ingredients click on the link below

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Gajar ka halwa (Carrot pudding)

One of India’s most loved dessert, made using red carrot which is seasonal. This is a great option for a sweet dish for special occasions, parties. In one of our earlier blogs ‘No shortcuts to good cooking’, we have spoken about how to get the method of cooking it right; this is one dish where going the extra mile is so worth it! ☺. To know the exact proportions and method of cooking it right, get our eBook Homemade Delicacies Dessert.

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Each season has certain specific dishes and produce that is best suited to the prevailing climatic conditions. In this blog we discussed four items, two of which are absolute classics of Indian cuisine. While they are perceived in a particular way, here we would also like to bring out two different aspects;

Firstly they are not as difficult to cook as some might think ☺ and Secondly you don’t need to do anything too fancy to cook them; preserve the core flavours and take the taste to even greater heights!

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