Saffron infused sweet rice….minimalist deliciousness!
Baati with a difference….stuffed with potatoes and just the requisite ghee!
Vegetable biryani….yes that’s a thing!
Not your regular samosa…yet ticks all the boxes!
No shortcuts for this classic…Gajar halwa done right!
Unique blend of fresh khoya with
makhana & peas in a simple gravy
Soft texture puda in aromatic sugar syrup….
delectable option for special occasions!
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‘Simple authentic cooking with a zest for flavour ’

Homemade Delicacies

has select Indian recipes across various categories. We have focussed largely on popular and classic dishes, many of which people love eating out but are hesitant to cook at home. The idea is to show through detailed recipes how easily one can cook and enjoy these dishes at home as well…

Homemade Delicacies Desserts

has some of the most loved Indian dessert recipes, many made using less than 5 ingredients.

The focus is to bring out and preserve the uniqueness of these dishes and of’course with oodles of taste and flavour…

About the Author

Self-employed – equity investor by profession, food aficionado/ enthusiast and blogger at heart. That is not to say equities and this stint in stock markets is not exciting but food and writing hold a special place. Previously worked in the research and content space, post which during a long break the idea of coming out with cookbooks of some of my Mom’s select recipes took shape.

It started out as a creative project, borne out of my love for food but soon became a journey of discovering the magic of flavours, inter-play of ingredients and how simplifying can be the key to great taste. And therein lies a beautiful dichotomy, simple may sound easy but cooking delicious food where you don’t overshadow the main ingredient can be quite a challenge…the result of which is relished….quite literally!

Food Philosophy

Our food influences are mainly from the northern part of India, with our take on it, not confirming to any set style of cooking the dishes. Food at home was never very spicy. Spices are used in just the adequate quantity and the food is definitely big on flavours. Over the years friends and family have enjoyed our food at home and have often asked for the recipes. But what really caught my attention was the surprise on their faces, when told how simple and minimalistic the recipe was. This fact stayed with me and it showed that to get something right you don’t need to complicate it, infact the exact opposite.

“Simplify and only do as much is required, and yes one more thing,
no shortcuts or compromise when it comes to taste!”

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