‘Don’t Overwhelm and do not get Overwhelmed’

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In the context of food, the first part of the title above applies to our cooking, be it light meals or special cuisines. Although overwhelm is usually seen in case of the latter. While we are all conscious about overdoing certain ingredients for various reasons, this blog wants to emphasise on moderation or using just sufficient non-core elements, keeping the flavour of the core ingredient in mind. If the focus is on flavour then all the components would be only per requirement (no excesses required) and keeping the main ingredient centre stage. In short, letting the essence hog the limelight.

The best part is, this approach lets each dish have a distinguished character, thus making them more memorable!

The ‘Don’t overwhelm’ part is still easier than the second part of the sentence that we shall talk about now…. the ‘Do not get overwhelmed’. This is a feeling that most of us have experienced while cooking something new. Even people, who cook regularly, at times find the thought of cooking certain dishes very overpowering, almost jarring, a feeling that they cannot cook it. Let that thought go! Mainly because the truth is whether we cook occasionally, everyday or hardly ever, we can nail it (even if not perfect it in the first or second attempt) with the most important ingredient – to enjoy the process!

Furthermore, simplify where possible, without compromising on flavour.

One of the key thoughts of our eBooks ‘Homemade Delicacies’ is to encourage cooking and dispel any discomfort with trying new dishes to cook. The idea is not just to share recipes but also subtly introduce readers to an approach towards cooking; which plays concurrently along the recipes. The eBooks also talk about the ease of making and benefit of using freshly or homemade ingredients like cottage cheese (paneer), milk solids (khoa) and even garam masala. The overall emphasise is on using fresh and seasonal ingredients
And Thus…..

Homemade Delicacies is…… ‘Not just recipe books but an approach to cooking’

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