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Homemade Delicacies

has select Indian recipes across various categories. We have focussed largely on popular and classic dishes, many of which people love eating out but are hesitant to cook at home. The idea is to show through detailed recipes how easily one can cook and enjoy these dishes at home as well.

Among the classics you will find Dal baati churma, sarson ka saag, missi roti and even bedmi poori. Besides these there are also favourites like aloo tikki, chilla and pickles to name a few. Overall we have carefully shortlisted choicest recipes across nine categories like vegetables/curries/lentils, side dishes, snacks, breakfast dishes, rotis and parathas among others. Ever thought of making garam masala at home? Well, we have the full list of 12 ingredients fragrant masala with the method in our book. Do check out complete list of dishes in our Gallery click here

Homemade Delicacies Desserts

has some of the most loved Indian dessert recipes, many made using less than 5 ingredients. The focus is to bring out and preserve the uniqueness of these dishes and of’course with oodles of taste and flavour.

We have recipes of desserts like badam halwa cooked with exactly 4 ingredients – authentic with solely almonds being centre stage. Also among the lesser cooked at home are gujiya, maal pooda. Get to know the finer details of making these dishes and others too like different ladoos in our cookbook. There’s more! To check out complete list of desserts visit our Gallery click here

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