Cooking and creativity

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When people think creativity more often than not, the first thoughts revolve around art, craft, writing pursuits among others. But as far as food is concerned it is most fascinating to see how multi-faceted this medium of creative expression is given the kind/type and number of ingredients one can play with. Next come the different methods deployed to cook the food, and voila you are left spoilt for choice, more like a problem of plenty – in terms of the various permutation and combinations that one can try.

“There is an entire world out there bursting with different cuisines; feels like an endless treasure that makes for newer discoveries and innovations without a trace of fatigue.”

To explain how dynamic the process can be, let us take the example of a simple dal (lentil) which is a staple in most Indian households. It can taste so different not just in diverse parts of the country but in households within a particular neighbourhood as well. This goes to show how the interaction of ingredients and the process of cooking play out creating taste differentials.

“There are few other creative endeavours that combine experiencing sound, aroma, colour, texture and also various processes like mixing, churning, chopping etc. in one activity – A different take/perspective to oft dubbed ‘monotonous’ process of cooking.”

Taking a cue from the creative aspect of cooking, while writing the recipe books we wanted to infuse this particular genre of non-fiction writing with creative elements of expression to give the readers a little extra. For Ingredients and Method, the main focus was strictly on elaborate detailing and information. The creative aspect come in the form of approaching each recipe like a journey, a story in itself; introducing the reader to different aspects of it and the nuances that go into cooking the dish well. To know more about the format of our recipe page click to read our blog ‘Recipes with a difference’

Such is the power of food and cooking, which goes beyond mere sustenance and transcends into creative expression and bringing people together through their mutual love for food!

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