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Holi fun is incomplete without scrumptious food. Like all other festivals, Holi too has certain delicacies that grace this festive time.

In this blog we will talk about two such dishes, one sweet and another savoury, both popular and unique in their own way.

Gujia – a sweet dumpling with a filling of select nuts, milk solids and other ingredients.

People add various combinations of ingredients as filling in the gujia.

In our recipe, we made sure that there is a balance of crunchy and soft ingredients that work very well together both in terms of taste and texture.

There are different dryfruits and nuts that are used in gujia filling; in our recipe one of the nuts that we have added is called ‘chironji’. It is not very commonly used, but in this particular dessert it works beautifully, adding a nice crunch and an understated taste to the filling.

The specific ingredients used in the filling (as per our recipe) bind very well together and hence remain sealed in the dumpling. This is especially critical so that the gujia does not come apart during frying.

If you really want to make delicious gujia then make the milk solids fresh at home, you will see the difference that makes to the entire dish. It is extra effort, but totally worth it.

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Kanji wada – moong dal dumplings in fermented water.

This great tasting dish is a regular during Holi. The fermented water helps digest all the heavy food that people tend to eat during festivals, which makes it an apt choice to finish post meal indulgences.

Festivals are mostly characterised by particular sweet dishes,

kanji wada for a change is a savoury item that people associate with Holi, a nice departure from the usual.

Moon dal is not very heavy unlike many other pulses, and the tangy taste of water lends a wonderful flavour to the dish, besides also being good for digestion. There is a specific method that ensures a perfect texture for the dumplings, you can find that process and the entire recipe in our eBook Homemade Delicacies. Click here to get the recipe.

Both the dishes discussed above are not very commonly made at home. But they are very popular during Holi. The idea is to encourage cooking by showcasing through our detailed recipes, just how easy they are to attempt.

There is a different kind of satisfaction in food cooked at home, in terms of quality, freshness and most importantly the effort – which makes everything that much more special.

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