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In this blog, we are introducing you all to our recipe page. Right from the planning stage of these books, we wanted to write detailed and informative recipes; where each recipe is like a journey to ease the reader into the process of cooking it. One thing was certain, we did not want to write just a basic ingredient, method format. The idea was to give something extra – relevant; that endears the ones who are familiar with the dish and familiarises and hopefully endears too the ones who are new to the particular dish or the cuisine in general.

Each recipe has the following components:

  • The title
  • Short description of the dish
  • The image of the dish (additional image if and as required during the course of the recipe)
  • Brief introduction of the particular recipe
  • Quantity; Difficulty level; Total time
  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • Last but definitely not the least – Key points

Let us take you through each of the above……..

The title is the name of the dish as it is popularly known. But many may not be aware of it hence we have given a short description of the dish in the very next line. Next is the image – with NO enhancements done to change or alter the colour of food.

Every dish has a history or a particular factor that makes it special. In the brief introduction, we have tried to capture its essence in 2-3 lines.

Serves/ Quantity, Difficulty level & Total time are the elementary yet helpful details required in the process of cooking

Ingredients are given with the complete list of components in the dish with their quantities. At the beginning of the books, we have given a table with names of the ingredients in English and their Hindi names. There is also a conversion table for people who measure by ounces
Now we come to the most elaborate part of any recipe, the Method. Recipes are written in great detail, to make the process of following them easy.

Lastly, the Key points. Key points encapsulate important elements relating to the recipe that help create the dish perfectly. Depending on the recipe, these could be pertaining to a particular process, storage behaviour or any key ingredient.

At the beginning of the blog we mentioned recipe is a journey; to summarise the thought, it begins with an introduction, moves onto the details of cooking it and concludes with the most special or important aspects that help to bring out the best in the dish!

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