Garam Masala: The aromatic agent

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Garam masala, an integral part of Indian spicebox is often perceived as the tool to increase spiciness of food. But through our recipes and the garam masala recipe in the eBook,

We explore its role as an aromatic agent, rather than a mere taste enhancer; and that just changes the game completely!

Now it becomes an instrument that uplifts the dish, the aroma making it more inviting and when you eat the food, it adds to the taste but does not overpower it. To achieve this, the proportions need to be right; both of the spices in the garam masala mix and the quantity of the masala added to the dish.

In our eBook ‘Homemade Delicacies’ we have shared the recipe of Garam masala. The key to this recipe is to get the measure of all components right, such that the flavour and aroma are not compromised.

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Easy to make and within no time your Garam masala will be ready. Store it in an airtight glass jar and it will last you several months.

Garam masala, as the name suggests is high on heat quotient, hence if made at home with the right balance of spices, the authenticity will ensure that you don’t need to add a big quantity to the food. This keeps the heat in check and one also gets the desired flavour.

Debunking another misnomer that every savoury curry or vegetable dish requires a set dose of garam masala, in our eBook you will find few recipes sans garam masala too; in keeping with our philosophy of no ‘templatized’ format of cooking.

Spices have specific health benefits; thus besides aroma and flavour this is another added incentive. As mentioned above, make sure you don’t add too much though (it is not required either), to keep excessive heat in the food at bay.

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