Popular Indian Flatbreads

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In this blog, we will talk about the commonly eaten flatbreads in Indian cuisine. The best combinations that work with each of them and a few important points to keep in mind with regards to these flatbreads


We begin with Roti, which is most commonly eaten on a regular basis. Roti is light compared to most other flatbreads and works best with sabzi, curries and lentils which are simple and lightly spiced. The dough of a roti should neither be too soft nor too hard. A Phulka tastes best when eaten hot, can be greased with some ghee or is good as is too


Paranthas are delicious but contrary to popular belief they need not be made with oodles of ghee or oil to taste good. If cooked properly on a medium to low flame, in a small quantity of ghee/oil too you can make tasty paranthas. Paranthas work very well with gravy based dishes. Parathas made with radish, spinach make for great breakfast option; filling and nutritious. These stuffed paranthas are great with some curd. In the image above we have shown methi (herb) flatbread, which goes very well with paneer kofta.

Tandoori Roti

On occasion, people relish tandoori roti, a nice change from the usual chapatti. The crispness of this type of flatbread is the distinct factor that people enjoy the most. Tandoori roti goes very well with black urad dal, gravy-based dishes. Just like paranthas you can make stuffed tandoori roti too, with the stuffing of vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower and onion.

Missi roti

This is a popular flatbread widely eaten in northern India. The dough which should be a little harder than the one usually made for chapatti is a combination of wheat flour and gram flour. You can find the exact ratio of both the flours and the select spices that go in the dough in our eBook. It is a very tasty option, so full of flavour that it works very well with just plain curd or pudina raita with some pickle and onion. It would also taste great with a mildly spiced curry based aloo sabzi.


Easily one of the most popular flatbreads, naan is usually preferred with Chole or urad dal. In our eBook we have shared the recipe of paneer naan, taking the flavour and taste of naan few notches higher by deftly combining paneer in it. The secret to soft, nice textured naan is in its dough!

There is, of course, no set rules, but above we have enumerated some popular combinations that work very well. One can obviously try their own too……..and that is the beauty of food! ☺

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