After all it is food, it should only bring happiness….

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Very often we look at or hear about a dish and the immediate thought is ‘I can’t make this on my own’; a feeling that we all have experienced.More often than not our apprehensions are unfounded. This fear is usually seen for food that falls under ‘speciality’ or cuisine that we are not accustomed to or have grown up eating; the unfamiliar territory. But the very fact that is new/different and we wish to eat, should actually be a motivation to try our hand at it!

It is important to get rid of the misplaced awe (misplaced because surprise or wonder is great, but if the process of cooking generates fear, then that kind of awe acts as a block). When we feel that a certain dish cannot be cooked at home, then it gets relegated to dishes that we shall eat out. It is good infact to try such things at home as well, allows one to compare personal notes in terms of the difference between the food eaten outside and the same thing made at home. When we cook, it leads to a different level of satisfaction and confidence. Many dishes can’t be aced at first attempt, but the process itself right from cooking to eating with loved ones makes for happy times. With just a few more attempts or the second time itself the dish can be perfected too. Cooking is therapeutic, people have often voiced this. It is also a great group activity, can be fun to cook together.

In this blog, we have shown the maalpuda, a classic Indian dessert, which people usually like to enjoy outside. Through the recipe we want to show it is not as difficult as perceived. Food, cooking are great binding factors. Let’s remove any negative awe associated with them!

Time and again we come across dishes and recipes that we think are beyond our prowess. But it is great to try them and surprise ourselves; more importantly surprise people around us. You be awe-inspired, let them be awe-struck ☺

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