“Homemade Delicacies,
not just recipe books but an approach to cooking.“

About Our Cookbooks

Many may relate to the desire of noting down ones Mother’s recipes, especially those we and people around us have loved the most. So began the journey of cookbooks Homemade Delicacies, although at that stage I had no clue this exercise will result in two books.

As I started documenting the recipes, the oft mentioned quality of her food being different became even more evident, although most of these dishes are well-known. Fascinated by the simplicity, the balance of ingredients and their quantities made me note down more recipes than initially thought.

My interest levels were piqued and slowly the idea of sharing the recipes starting taking root and thus was born Homemade Delicacies.

So we present to you two cookbooks, the first, Homemade Delicacies focuses solely on savoury dishes across categories and the second Homemade Delicacies Desserts, as the name suggests has only sweet delights that we have grown to love and enjoy.

Digital Format (eBooks)

We decided to go digital thinking about the convenience it offers. The eBooks are easy to purchase from Amazon and viewed via the Kindle App (downloaded free). Within 5 minutes the books can be on your phone ready to read and stays there for easy access whenever you want, literally at your fingertips! A snapshot of the process of buying and viewing the books

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Format of each recipe

Recipes beyond just Ingredients & Method

We wanted the recipes to be more than just ingredients and methods so there are pictures (sans filters) and the recipes are divided into seven parts, starting with brief description and background of the dish and ending with the key points that enumerates the important elements to get the dish right , with detailed ingredients and methods in the middle.
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About the Author

Kamna Khemka

Author, Homemade Delicacies

Self-employed – equity investor by profession, food aficionado/enthusiast and blogger at heart. That is not to say equities and this stint in stock markets is not exciting but food and writing hold a special place. Previously worked in the research and content space, post which during a long break the idea of coming out with cookbooks of some of my Mom’s select recipes took shape.

It started out as a creative project, borne out of my love for food but soon became a journey of discovering the magic of flavours, inter-play of ingredients and how simplifying can be the key to great taste. And therein lies a beautiful dichotomy, simple may sound easy but cooking delicious food where you don’t overshadow the main ingredient can be quite a challenge…the result of which is relished….quite literally!

It is this aspect of her cooking that made me want to share the recipes. The success of minimalism and yet not compromising on what is required bears testimony in the reactions of people who have enjoyed the food at home and were surprised to know how unpretentious the recipe was.

Working on these cookbooks brought about a greater appreciation for food for all it has to offer – taste, texture, variety, usage of fresh, homemade ingredients, nutrient value and most of all the joy to create and share.

So besides studying different companies as potential investment options, I enjoy my creative food interludes which serve as a continued exploration translating into writing food blogs, sharing new recipes and cooking/food tips.

Traveling across India and abroad brought to fore how seasonality, local produce and flavours blend in a pot pourri of deliciousness that is differentiated yet doesn’t feel odd, even if tried for the first time. With that comes positive awe, host of new ingredients and ways of looking at food and cooking; a non-stop wonder!

Straddling the world of research, finance, investment, understanding consumers and brands to writing, delving deeper into different aspects of food and most of all life itself continues to be a massive learning, an off shoot of which is my blog ‘To Perceive’. A blog that doesn’t conform to a particular genre but derives from the philosophy of seeing things from a larger perspective, more comprehensive vantage.
As diverse investing in equities, writing on food and recipes or blogging in general may seem, there is commonality linking them – the art of simplifying, finding a rhythm and enjoying the process.

Talking specifically about the cookbook journey right from writing the recipes to planning the photo-shoot and working on the branding elements has given hands on experience and joy in working on these cookbooks. Most importantly I could connect this feeling to what my mom once told me about cooking that when you are involved and enjoy the process, it gets reflected in the quality of food! So here’s to more recipes and food from the heart.

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